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Coming Soon: System Shock 2

I’m sorry Nate, I’m afraid I cannot do that.

This month the guys are playing System Shock 2!  Journey back to a time before AI in games was just turrets with terrible aim and even worse dad jokes.  This is Sci-Fi/Survival Horror at its finest–there are no cubes, there is no cake, but there are many lies.  But before we even start talking about the game lets be honest, at least two of our three hosts will abandon their controllers in fear.  Who will tough it out?  Who will pretend to finish it with Wikipedia?  Who will just leave and play something else?  Find out next time on Dallas!

Welcome to the Command Center!

This is a podcast that delves deep into some of the most popular, and lesser known video games of the past. Play along with three completely unqualified gamers as we explore the nuances of a different title each month. More than just another review, this is an analysis of the development process, level design, story, game-play mechanics, legacy and more. Join us as we break down a game from inception to completion as well as its impact on the industry as a whole.

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Dead Island

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What’s better than an island getaway full of booze, babes, and BBQ’s? An island getaway full of zombies, fruit, and energy drinks, that’s what! This month we played Dead Island: Definitive edition and boy did we have a lot to say about it. We also upgraded our recording equipment so if you couldn’t stand our last train wreck of an episode, then you’re in luck! 

Dead Island

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